Extensions for the family home

When families get larger people need more living spaces for the kids, and these days many people are able to work from home so they need a home office or study.

Home ExtensionsFamilies usually have two options, either expand their current home by means of a single or two story extension or to move to a new, larger home. Another option is to build a separate outdoor structure in the yard or garden, this is a popular choice for people wanting to build a sunroom, gym or office which is separate from the rest of the house.

This option is usually cheaper than building an extension to the home itself, since walls do not need to be moved and planning approval is often easier than for extending the home itself. When you extend a home you have to redesign the structure and load bearing surfaces of the whole property, and in terraced houses the extension may actually affect neighbouring houses.

When planning your home extension, you should consider how people move around inside the house, what paths people take to get from one room to another, which doors are opened and where you need access to laundry rooms and the kitchen.

Home ExtensionsThink carefully about your general lifestyle, do you want an open-plan home the whole family can share together downstairs or do the kids prefer to do their own thing. Have their own play areas. Do you need private space to work and keep away from the kids in the evenings? The overall layout and style of your home can greatly affect the way you live and affect the relationships you have with your family.

Think about your hobbies, how do you live, what do you do at the weekends? Do your children need outdoor areas for playing? Or would you be better off using that space as more of a family BBQ area? Make sure you think carefully about all aspects of your family life and consider how your children’s habits and lifestyles will change as they get older.

Think carefully about materials for your home. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you may be happy with a timber deck which needs painting and some maintenance. On the other hand, if you want to keep it simply you might opt for a composite material which needs less maintenance.

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Home Extensions and Your Lifestyle